Philadelphia Drug Conspiracy Lawyers

A used syringe that was possibly filled with illegal drugs laying on the street near some people.

One of the scariest drug charges is drug conspiracy. Conspiracy means that you participate with someone else to commit a crime. The way the charge is used in drug crimes in Philadelphia is that anybody connected at all with a drug operation will be charged with conspiracy. Many times, someone visiting or living in a house where drugs are sold will be swept up by this charge. If they happen to be home when the police come with a warrant, they will be arrested along with everyone else in the house and charged with conspiracy. Sometime it can be very difficult to get out of a conspiracy charge, even if you played a minor role or no role at all.

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Many people who face this charge tell me they didn’t sell any drugs, possess any drugs, or receive any money. However, Pennsylvania law says you can be charged as a conspirator if the government can prove you had some kind of connection to the house where drugs were sold. Your charge will be graded as the highest charge faced by the co-conspirators. For example, if the leader of the drug operation is charged with possession with intent to deliver, a felony subject to a mandatory minimum prison sentence, you would face the same charge.

One defense for the charge of conspiracy is renunciation. Renunciation means that once you become aware of what is going on, you have to affirmatively disengage from the conspiracy and call the police, which is absurd. The real defense is to argue that the government doesn't have enough evidence to connect you with the other conspirators. This requires a skilled defense attorney who knows what arguments to make. In a conspiracy trial, all defendants are tried together. Your attorney has to be able to differentiate you from the other defendants. Otherwise, you will be found guilty of all the crimes of your co-conspirators.

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